Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Consulting
  • Oilwell Blowouts and Failures
  • Quality Certifications
  • Drilling Programs
  • Project Management
  • Disaster & Crises Response


Over thirty-five years ago OCS, Inc. was able to revolutionize the way the oil well drilling industry looked at failures and blowouts by introducing its patented Ultrasonic method of determining the effects of cyclic fatigue stress and hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide embrittlement on drilling equipment. This technology was the first available and to this day is the only method of nondestructive field evaluation of equipment for problems which are the precursor to almost all oil well failures and subsequent blowouts and fires.

Through the many years of working within the oil industry world wide in a vast array of well control situations OCS, Inc. became a recognized and highly qualified leader in the area of innovative well control planning and analyzing and well control itself. Controlling and preventing the oil well failure and ensuing blowout and fire with its environmental impact has been the focus of development of the company. With the merging of OCS, Inc. into Systems International, Inc. The services that are provided by the company have been expanded to include Major Disasters of all type including the response to chemical and biohazard spills as well as oil spills and response to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes or ice storms providing first responder cleanup from these disasters


 Systems International, Inc. will continue to provide its core services such as Oilwell Blowouts,  well control, fire fighting, work-over, and capping. We will provide Quality programs and Project management as well as Environmental consulting. The company will also provide Environmental crisis response to spills and blowouts and offer Environmental remediation utilizing the ?ZEROS? system technology and SMART III monitoring system. In addition we will respond for initial push and cleanup after hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms. Systems International, Inc. brings a full array of equipment and expertise to clean and remediate disasters and storm debris and manage such restoration projects.

Systems International, Inc. will offer a complete package of programs utilizing the latest technologies to preserve and maintain the environment while the world is ever seeking more energy to support the growth of its populations. We will offer training services with emphasis on the team effort and team personnel in the proper design and operations of various industry tasks as to minimize failures and thereby reduce down time thus reducing the overall cost of operations. In the event of a crisis Systems International, Inc. stands ready to respond around the world, around the clock to contain and remediate this disaster.

Systems International, Inc. will also utilize its patented Quality Control equipment to provide world class QA/QC programs for the ever demanding oil exploration and production industry to deliver the best quality Oil Country Tubular to the market with a keen eye on the reduction of downhole failures and blowouts. Whether it is sour service, highly directional or high pressure well super fracturing that is your problem area you can count on Systems International to provide a solution to the problem.

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